About us


Darren Chastney, a professional wordsmith from London. 

My linguistic skills include translation, transcreation, localisation, copywriting, and editing.  In addition, I have an extensive project management background. With over twenty years working in the language sector, I have amassed considerable experience across a wide range of fields including marcom, media, PR, advertising, and tourism, as well as general business and academia. 

My graduate studies at Middlesex University (Literature & Philosophy) have been supplemented by qualifications in journalism and teaching. And I continue to extend and hone my skills with regular training courses – focused on linguistics, communications, translation technology, and marketing – through the Open University as well as Guardian Masterclasses. 

With long-term residency in Slovakia, my wide-ranging linguistic experience has given me valuable insights into how to best translate, transcreate, and localise Slovak to English content to deliver great outputs.

Why Kavali? Excellent question! Well many moons ago the company started out as a small cafe – a place to meet, greet, and practise languages (‘kava’ – coffee, ‘li’ – linguistics). Alas that happy-chatty drop-in has long since served its last milky tea and biscuits, but the brand name continues with this service offer.

So if you’re looking for the very best mother tongue presentation of your Slovak to English content – either translated, stylised, corrected, or created  – then you’re in the right place. Let’s get started!


Darren Chastney



I aim to consistently deliver high quality services by listening to needs (such as target audience, target audience, and tone of voice), seeking further inputs and clarifications where necessary, and putting passion and skill into the written word.


We live in a globalised world where quality of communications is paramount and first impressions count – I am committed to contributing to improving the quality of Slovak to English translations, and hence Slovakia’s international presentation.