Valuable advice and support

Sometimes asking a second opinion can be a great asset.

Especially when that opinion is based on years of practical experience, measurable outcomes, and strong familiarity with how best to put forward ideas from Slovak into natural localised English.

Insightful opinion and practical advice that is shared in a positive, confidence-building, collaborative constructive manner.

So if you’re working on a press release, website content, a presentation, speech, marcom, or anything else that could benefit from professional support, contact us and make your life easier: a problem shared is a problem halved.

Your peace of mind

You can trust us to keep your work in-house to ensure the confidential and security of all communications and materials. We are GDPR-compliant and request your agreement with data processing.

your terms

Simply choose a service according to your needs, target audience, and budget – and if you’re not sure which service best suits you be, we’re happy to advise 🙂

your timeframe

With express (within 12 hours) and standard delivery. Simply select the speed of delivery based on your budget, required job, and document size. 


Our prices are very competitive and fair. We want to offer you the best possible price for your document – that’s why we don’t publish a ‘one-size-fits-all’ rate. Every document has specific requirements, deadline, and volume, so please contact us for a bespoke quote. 

And if you receive a better quote elsewhere – we’ll match it. That’s our price promise.

You can choose between our express (within 12 hours) and standard options (within three days). We will always do our best to deliver as soon as possible and will inform you asap in the case of any additional time required (due to document size or complexity).

Proofreading is ideal for well-written more factually-based texts like academic, business and technical. Copyediting – which includes proofreading – is more targeted at creative flowing texts like media, public relations, advertising, journalism, etc. Proofreading generally adds to original word count, copyediting reduces it.

Rewriting involves restructuring paragraphs and changing the meaning of content to enhance the text’s clarity. If you are not sure that you need rewriting, send me a preview of your document, and I will help you to decide on which service you need. Rewriting is included in our copyediting service.

Paraphrasing involves expressing the meaning of something written using different words, especially to achieve greater clarity. If you are not sure that you need paraphrasing, send me a preview of your document, and I will help you to decide on which service you need. Paraphrasing is included in our copyediting service.

We’re here to help and keep it simple. Just contact us with a brief description of your requirements – and ideally attach your document or a sample – and we will make a recommendation based on your needs.

We specialize mainly in marketing translations, i.e. any content for public or online distribution. Such content best utilizes native English fluency and flow. We have extensive experience in the proofreading and editing of a very wide range of documents from various sectors and professions – you name it, we’ve probably done it.

Every document – whether translated, proofread, or rewritten – goes through a four-eye evaluation to ensure quality, consistency, and accuracy. Our regular customer satisfaction survey has an over 95% approval rating.

Yes of course – we are happy to demonstrate our work with anonymous document samples.

All our intelligence, experience and know-how is 100% human. But we use Memsource to improve translation speed and ensure consistency of vocabulary, and every job is finally run through Microsoft Spellcheck as a final quality control measure. Services like Grammarly are fine to improve native speakers’ English, but are unreliable and superficial for non-native English (sentence structure, false friends, cultural references, etc.).

Any other questions or queries?